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PRIVATE PARTY- November 9th 5:30PM

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Choose the number design you would like to make and enter it in the box. Be sure that the design works with the size sign you chose.
If your sign requires personalization (ex. names, dates) please be sure to list all of that information here.

This is a private event. Please only register if you have been invited to this event.

You will need to choose the size sign you would like to make and a design from our Design Catalog. Use the drop down menu to choose the sign size and whether you would like it framed or not. Then enter the # of the design you would like to make.


Design choices 100-119 can be made as an 8"x18", 12"x24", 15"x30", or 18"x36" sign.

Design choices 200-228 can be made as a 12"x12" or 16"x16".

Design choices 300-311 can be made as a 15" or 18" round.

**You are welcome to bring any snacks/drinks of your choice to the workshop.